A Look at 10 Healthcare Companies and Their Recent Brand Refresh

Maintaining a modern and appealing brand is crucial in today’s competitive environment. This article examines the recent brand refreshes undertaken by ten healthcare companies. We will explore these companies’ distinct approaches, whether subtle updates or comprehensive overhauls, to strengthen their market presence.

What Exactly is a Brand Refresh? And How Does it Differ from a Complete Rebrand?

Think of a brand refresh as giving your beloved home a much-needed renovation. It’s about sprucing up the place with a new coat of paint, modern furniture, and perhaps some smart tech to enhance its charm and functionality. You’re updating the logos, tweaking the color palette, and maybe switching up the font style—all while keeping the structure and soul of your home intact. It’s about making your brand feel current and more aligned with today’s aesthetics and customer expectations without losing the essence of what makes your brand uniquely yours.

On the flip side, a rebrand is like tearing down the house and building a mansion in its place. It’s a deep, foundational change that affects how your brand is perceived in the market. This might happen because your company is taking a new direction, merging with another entity, or redefining its target audience entirely. It’s a massive shift that says, “This is not the brand you thought you knew.”

Recognizing the Call for a Brand Refresh

Knowing when it’s time for a brand refresh is like listening for the subtle hints that change is needed. Here are some of the situations that might nudge you towards giving your brand a facelift:

  • Keeping Up with Tech: In a world that’s constantly online, ensuring your brand looks sharp on digital platforms is non-negotiable. If your brand feels like a relic from the pre-smartphone era, it’s time for an update.
  • New Faces in New Places: As you eye new markets or find your audience demographics shifting, your brand needs to speak their language, both culturally and visually.
  • The Times Are A-Changing: Design trends evolve, and so should your brand. If your logo or website screams “Y2K”, you’re due for a refresh to stay in tune with the times.
  • New Offerings on the Block: If your product line has grown or pivoted, make sure your brand reflects these new goodies in the shop.
  • Stand Out, Don’t Blend In: In a sea of competitors, your brand needs to wave its unique flag high and proud. If you’re getting lost in the crowd, a refresh can help you stand out.
  • Listen to the Crowd: Customer feedback is gold. If they’re telling you your brand feels outdated or disconnected, it’s time to listen and act.
  • Staying True to Your Roots: If your company’s mission or values have evolved, your brand should mirror these changes.
  • A Fresh Start: Post-crisis, a brand refresh can be a powerful part of your comeback story, signaling renewal and positive change.

10 Brand Refresh Success Stories

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)

BD company leveled up its brand with simplified and a sleek logo, becoming a titan in the medical tech industry.

Cancer Research Wales

The new logo for Wales’ leading cancer research charity features its bilingual name with the Welsh Ymchwil Canser Cymru in prominence, highlighted by a distinctive uncial-style ‘w’ inspired by Wales’ typographic heritage.

Read more: https://www.logo-designer.co/offthetopofmyhead-rebrands-ymchwil-canser-cymru-cancer-research-wales/

General Electric

General Electric is preparing to split into three public companies, each retaining the GE monogram but distinguished by unique color schemes. The first spin-off, GE Healthcare, will adopt ‘compassion purple’ to emphasize humanity and warmth.

Read more: https://www.campaignasia.com/article/general-electric-unveils-brand-names-as-it-plans-split-to-three-new-future-compan/480419


As Hovione continues to expand, it has opted for a bolder, more contemporary brand identity while preserving its 55-year heritage. The refreshed logo retains crucial elements like the red color and the hexagonal shape from the original design.

Read more: https://www.hovione.com/hoviones-new-brand

Johnson & Johnson

Since 2021, Johnson & Johnson has refocused on pharmaceuticals, spinning off consumer brands to Kenvue and updating its logo to symbolize urgency in health response, adaptability, and a caring nature.

Read more: https://thedieline.com/blog/2023/9/15/johnson–johnson-announces-major-brand-refresh-and-yes-theres-a-new-non-cursive-logo


Medtronic has introduced a refreshed brand, driven by its ambitious goal to lead globally in healthcare technology. The updated appearance emphasizes Medtronic’s essential role in tackling increasing healthcare challenges.

Read more: https://news.medtronic.com/Bold-Ambition



The brand refresh of navify included strategic change management and the establishment of a clear brand hierarchy. Developed through global collaborations, this approach supports navify’s value proposition and positions it as a durable brand in the patient care journey.

Read more: https://titanhealthawards.com/winner-info.php?id=120


Pfizer’s new logo, symbolizing the gene technology behind its COVID-19 vaccine, has elicited mixed reactions for its corporate appearance. Alongside the logo update, Pfizer simplified its color scheme from eight to two tones for easier branding, with the entire redesign process taking 18 months by the agency Team.

Read more: https://www.logodesign.org/new-pfizer-logo/



The Smith+Nephew’s logo update is minor, adjusting the font and text but keeping the original design and orange color. These changes make the logo appear more serious and formal by using straighter fonts, uppercase letters, and a structured frame, enhancing the brand’s credibility.

Read more: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/smithnephew-what-logo-change-meezgerd-com/


Zocdoc revealed its refreshed logo, swapping out the capital “D” for a lowercase “d.” The traditional blue-on-grey Helvetica has been exchanged for a personified, cheerful yellow “Z” featuring a face that expresses emotion through the direction of the eyes and the shape of the mouth’s squiggle.

Read more: https://www.entrepreneur.com/growing-a-business/zocdoc-ditches-80-logo-for-a-kinda-cute-z/270902


Starting a brand refresh is an essential step that revitalizes your business, ensuring it remains relevant and prepares you to face the future. Whether it’s updating your visual identity for the digital era or adjusting your brand to better connect with your changing audience, a timely refresh can be highly effective. In the dynamic business landscape, stagnation is not an option. Your brand must stand out and be recognized—do not hesitate to enhance it as needed.


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