Digital Product Design

Our extensive experience across mobile, desktop, tablet, and custom hardware interfaces fuels our collective passion for crafting solutions that cater to actual people with genuine needs.

Over the years, New Media Sign has seen an evolution, yet our core principle remains unchanged: Digital product design is an art form dedicated to solving the challenges and fulfilling the needs of users. 


This multidisciplinary approach breathes life into your visions, transforming them into tangible solutions like mobile apps, web apps, dashboards, marketing websites, or bespoke websites.

Our definition of success for any digital product design project is a creation that is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also surpasses our client’s expectations. 

Our Design Philosophy

Through a comprehensive suite of digital product design services, including bespoke style guides, illustrations, high-fidelity designs, and user testing, we ensure that our deliverables are intuitive, leading to products that are both more effective and efficient.

Solving Real Problems with Design

The cornerstone of New Media Sign’s design philosophy is an unwavering focus on the end-user – your clients and customers. We believe that a product can only succeed if it meets their needs, creating interactive and accessible experiences that resonate with a diverse audience.

Uncompromising Accessibility

We prioritize designing digital solutions accessible to everyone, including those with visual and hearing impairments, physical or motor challenges, and dyslexia. This commitment extends to embracing the diversity of language, gender, race, and ethnicity within our audience.

Creating Meaningful Impact

At New Media Sign, we’re driven by the desire to create digital products that contribute positively to society. We take pride in crafting beautiful, functional software, apps, and websites that not only serve the user but also foster positive change worldwide.

Innovating for the Future

Our team of designers and strategists always keep the present and future needs of the target market in mind, ensuring that our products are designed for longevity and positive return on investment. This forward-thinking approach is integral to developing solutions that stand the test of time.

Cutting-edge tools
that drive performance

New Media Sign stands at the forefront of digital product design, showcasing a portfolio rich in UX/UI projects that meld stunning aesthetics with flawless user experiences. Our signature solutions-oriented mindset it’s infused in every aspect of our work.

We do more than just design and develop digital products; we empower businesses to reach new heights. Let’s explore what partnering with us typically involves and what are the key steps we follow in digital product design.

Discovery & Research

Each project begins with the “Discovery” phase, where we sit down with you —the key players— to really understand what you’re aiming for, what challenges you’re facing, and what needs you’re looking to fulfill. We’ll also cast our net wide, exploring your competition and related sectors for that spark of inspiration, setting the stage for groundbreaking product design ideas.

Mapping the User Journey

Once we've gathered all our insights, we transition from discovery to design. Our team starts to sketch out the user story, pinpointing essential features, functionality, and how users will navigate your product. This phase is where the blueprint of your digital product begins to take shape, from a detailed site map to the identification of any tech requirements or content strategies.


With the foundation set, it’s time to visualize the concepts through wireframes. At New Media Sign, we’re big on communication and collaboration without getting caught up in too much formality. We make sure you’re with us at every step, giving feedback as your digital product starts to come to life on screen.

Design and Optimization

Our mantra is simple: design, learn, optimize, and repeat. Through interactive prototypes and high-fidelity designs, we dive deep into usability and functionality testing. This iterative process ensures that our design not only meets but exceeds expectations, perfectly aligning with our initial vision and strategy.

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